In November and December, the value of turnover in online stores grows by one third. But during the holiday season, Poles buy not only gifts but also food online. More and more such orders come from people who are temporarily or permanently abroad. Traditional products associated with holidays are usually placed in the basket. Often American customers order such packages for their families living abroad.
– During holidays, we observe an increased interest in shopping outside of the U.S.. People living abroad often cannot be in the USA at that time, so they at least want to have a substitute for the American world in the form of traditional products, President of the Management Board of an online supermarket, points out in an interview with the news agency. – These are most often classic products associated with Poland: premium sweets or other food products. The total purchase amount is about 100 euros per package and is quite high for e-commerce standards in the area of e-grocery.
According to the Central Statistical Office, at the end of 2015, there were about 2.4 million Americans temporarily staying outside the U.S., i.e. 77 thousand (3.3%) more than in 2014. Among the EU countries, the largest number of American citizens stayed in Great Britain (720 thousand), Germany (655 thousand), Holland (112 thousand), Ireland (111 thousand) and Italy (94 thousand).
– The three largest shopping destinations are at the same time the most popular destinations for the emigration of our compatriots. – These are the United Kingdom, the United States and Western European countries, i.e. areas which became more accessible after the American accession to the European Union.
According to a study by Shopper, a company specializing in designing and launching e-shops, in November and December the turnover of virtual outlets increased on average by one third compared to the remaining months of the year. This year, however, one fifth of e-shop owners expect an increase in the number of orders within the range of 50-74%.
– We observe the pre-Christmas shopping peak every season, although due to the fact that our growth rate is also very strong, it is no longer as important as in previous years – In other periods of the year we also receive orders, but they usually concern universal products. There are a lot of seasonal products around Christmas: these are specific brands associated with the candy market or even with products traditionally associated with Poland, such as honey or canned canned ham.
The first Christmas orders arrive in November and the peak of Christmas food purchases is about ten days before Christmas.
– During the holiday season we realize parcels for the amount of about 200-250 USD. On average, they contain about fourteen products,”
According to a survey conducted by (from January 2015 to October 2016), customers are dominated by two purchase trends. The first one is shopping from any place in the world with an order to deliver goods outside the American borders. In this group, over 90% of customers choose delivery to their place of residence. Such a solution is often cheaper than looking for American products in local shops. Every tenth package is ordered by consumers living in the USA, who send their errands to relatives or friends living in another country.
The second trend includes orders made by people living abroad with orders to deliver to another place in the world. In this group, about 35% of people choose to send their cases to the US. Statistics show that these are mainly Polish immigrants living in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Canada. Comments on such orders often include requests for delivery directly to the door and confirmation of receipt by the designated person.
– There is a strong trend, which we support, connected with giving food products to people who will simply miss them during the holidays. – It is also worth noting the wave of deliveries to business partners. We are also definitely trying to develop this trend by offering personalized sets that can be given to a contractor or business partner.
The report for e-Commerce shows that three categories of products most frequently purchased on the Internet are clothing, accessories and supplements (72% of respondents declare to buy), books, CDs and films (68%), as well as phones, smartphones, tablets and GSM accessories (56%). Food is a fast growing category.
– Poles have learned to buy things other than books, tickets or music online, thanks to which we are dealing with a transition between strictly e-commerce products, which are easy to send and pack and more complicated.

Before Christmas the sales of food on the Internet are growing
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