Polish entrepreneurs usually go to a law firm when they have a problem they cannot solve. In Western Europe, many companies use legal services on a regular basis and this is not a novelty, but it brings a number of advantages.
Legal services for companies – saving is important
Deciding on permanent legal services for companies, the entrepreneur does not expose himself to additional costs due to his mistakes or ignorance of the regulations. Also, contracts that are signed often cause that the entrepreneur pays additional fees for it and loses out on it. Lack of knowledge of legal regulations has a very negative impact on the whole company, and bad decisions may even affect its future.
As we know, entrepreneurs want to earn as much as possible, of course this is nothing wrong. Unless they introduce savings, which may bring about the opposite effect. In case of lack of knowledge on a given subject it is not worth to follow one’s own intuition, because it is easy to make a mistake, which exposes the whole company to very high costs.
Legal services for companies – subscription or one-off services?
Legal services for companies may be provided in different systems. An entrepreneur may decide to provide services within the framework of a contact in a law firm, or he may also request legal consultations by phone or online.
It is also possible to purchase a subscription, i.e. permanent legal services for companies. Thanks to this, the client pays only a monthly fee for this, and a qualified employee is always at his disposal. It is worth remembering that one-time services may be less profitable, because the lawyer must first familiarize himself with the documents and then advise or manage the case. In the case of a subscription, regardless of the number of questions or consultations, the price is always fixed. And the employee has knowledge of our case and can immediately help us.
Legal services for companies – wide range of services
Legal services for companies may cover many areas. When starting your business, it is worth using the services of a law firm. It is also very important in the event of a change in the company’s status. Legal services for companies also include representing clients before state institutions and writing possible appeals in case of penalties.
Legal services also include mediation with debtors and conducting talks with them. Of course, in case of doubts, you can use legal opinions or assistance in employee matters.

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