They allow cables to pass through the housings of many electrical devices or walls. Each robust furniture grommet is equipped with a rigid grommet that provides protection against mechanical damage such as cutting, bending and ensures impeccable insulation. There are many grommets, which are better or worse adapted to the given conditions. For example, watertight cable grommets protect cables against splashing and moisture, thus protecting the user against electric shock. Other examples are gas-tight grommets used in the gas industry.

Furniture cable ducts

Furniture cable grommets are used for easy and convenient cable routing, as well as for masking the cable hole, which is usually found in desks. The main places for furniture cable ducts are offices, houses and companies. In furniture shops there is a wide selection of cable grommets, which can be fitted to any type of furniture. Cable grommets can blend in with the colour of the desk and remain unobtrusive, but they can also be a design element for the whole room. There is a choice of round, square or rectangular grommets. The most common diameter is 60 or 80 mm. The most popular colours are natural aluminium, glossy chrome, brown, white, black or grey. In most cases they are equipped with covers and masking brushes. Their task is to mask the cables in the right place, but also to effectively protect them by hiding them behind the surface of the furniture.
Cable ducts for furniture allow you to maintain order and tidiness, both in the workplace, where there is often a swarm of various cables, but also at home. After all, no one likes to have cables lying around all the time.


Cable ducts are also equipped with useful accessories, which make their function even more precise and accurate. These include, for example, sealing modules, components for earthing cables, fixing strips, flange and floor plates or cable ducts for protective hoses. Depending on the situation and needs, we select the right cable duct and the required accessories.