Furniture runners not only support and stabilise furniture cabinets. They are also very functional, making everyday tasks faster and more enjoyable. Many slides have been created all over the world and are divided into different applications and functions. Depending on the type of slide, it has its own functions such as push to open, self-closing, silent closing or partial or, for the more demanding, full extension.


1) Ball-bearing slides – very popular in the furniture industry. They are used in chests of drawers, bookcases or wardrobes. They ensure smooth opening and closing of drawers, doors or movable shelves. In their construction they have special nylon balls whose task is to smooth the movement. They are located at the bottom edge of the drawer which makes them invisible. They are mainly characterized by quality and comfort. They are equipped with a small amount of plastic, which allows them to perform in places with high temperatures, such as various factories. A high load capacity and a large number of sizes are also reasons for choosing them.

2) Roller runners – cheap, mostly used in drawers not exposed to high loads such as cabinets with cutlery. Their load reaches up to about 20-25kg. They are very easy to install.

3) Bottom-mounted runners – used when the buyer wants to hide the runners without denying its functionality. The runner is located on the bottom side of the drawer becoming invisible to the human eye from a normal perspective. Most often chosen for wooden cabinets.

4) An interesting type of runners are table runners – special furniture fittings allowing the table top to be pulled out. They may be equipped with a synchronising function. It increases the level of comfort of unfolding the table. It is very simple – it is enough to extend one part of the tabletop on one side of the table and the other part extends spontaneously at the same time – a very convenient solution. When choosing a runner without this function, the person extending the table is forced to extend one part of the table first and then the other.

Slides move the furniture around to make it more functional and easier to use, so it is important to choose the correct slide. If in doubt, ask a furniture shop employee for help.