It’s not a well-known fact that every room has a piece of furniture. It could be a table, chairs, a chest of drawers or a pouffe to sit on. It so happens that in each of these elements there is a small accessory called a furniture leg. It allows you to maintain the very important stability, but also safety. Despite their small size, they are the main element of each piece of furniture. It is not possible to rest on an armchair which is constantly wobbling or to drink spilled coffee on an unstable table.

Types of furniture legs

Furniture shops offer hundreds of different furniture legs. Classical ones prevail, although you can also find solutions for the more demanding, such as decorative legs, which differ from each other in colour, material or shape.
The most popular are legs made of plastic. They are light and practical and cheap, but not the most durable of stakes. Related to them are legs made of metal alloys.
If the buyer cares mainly about supporting power and solidity, he or she usually chooses steel equivalents, characterised mainly by durability.

Adjustable table legs – Furnica

Colour and appearance

Classic black or silver furniture legs are very often chosen. It is very easy to hide them. But what about when you want to spruce up the look of an entire piece of furniture or perhaps a room? Then customers often reach for reflective, colourful legs. The choice is very large, everyone will find something for themselves.


Adjustable height? No problem – there are also special legs that allow this. These are most often chosen for kitchen cabinets. You can use them after the renovation, for example to rearrange the furniture.


An indispensable point, for which we need such parts as screws or various types of glue. Good assembly with stable accessories is the basis for success giving comfort of use and stability. You should also think about attaching furniture pads to the floor surface. They will provide protection against abrasion and scratches. Self-adhesive felt pads are among the most popular on the market, although classic plastic or rubber pads should not be denied either.