Cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers. Furniture fills the interiors of our apartments. Filled with clothes, home furnishings and different kinds of things. We do not always want the contents of our furniture to be generally available. For example, we can hide something valuable or dangerous for children in a cupboard. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale and we cannot say the magic spell “Sesame, open up!”. Instead of magic, we have furniture locks that can effectively block access to the contents of a cupboard or drawer.

How to choose the right lock?

It all depends on what the lock is designed for. We may only need it to close the cabinet tightly and prevent it from opening on its own. It can also be used to protect your valuable content. The type of door is important – other locks are mounted in hinged doors and others in sliding doors. The furniture lock is an integral part of the furniture, so its appearance may be important. Locks can be an interesting decorative element of furniture and influence the aesthetics of the interior.

The most common are locks applied to the inner surface of the cabinet door and recessed furniture locks, which are hidden inside the door. Basquil locks, which allow the top and bottom of the door to be closed simultaneously, will be ideal for high doors.

In modern interiors, glass furniture doors are becoming more and more popular, especially when the interior of a cabinet, display case or showcase is filled with decorative ceramics and other trinkets. In this case, a showcase lock harmoniously combining metal and glass will be necessary.

When choosing a lock, it is important to remember to choose the right colour of the lock and fittings for the type of furniture. Brass, cast iron, patinated metal and gold locks will fit retro style furniture. Warm color of the lock should harmonize with the color, size and shape of the key. Cool silver, chrome and glossy nickel will suit modern office interiors.

So before choosing a lock it is worth to consult with someone who will help us choose the lock not only because of its technical parameters and mounting possibilities, but also because of its decorative values.

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