The season of pickling cucumbers lasts at its best. One afternoon is enough to have a tasty and healthy salad ingredient and a quick addition to lunch for the rest of the year. It is worth knowing that the fermentation process not only gives the cucumbers a new taste, but also gives them many new ingredients that are beneficial to health. The ideal effect of juicy and hard borage will provide a few simple rules.
Old methods
A long time ago, cucumbers were hung in large oak barrels, which were then submerged to the brim in a well or a pond. This was the only way to achieve a temperature of 3-4 °C, which was considered ideal for the fermentation process.
Today, fortunately, we hang cucumbers in comfortable glass jars or clay pots (if we make small salt ones), although we still store them in dark, cold places, usually in the basement.
Although the recipe for pickled cucumbers is simple, it is worthwhile to see a few tricks that will help you get the effect of perfectly crispy and aromatic pickled cucumbers.
5 way for perfect pickled cucumbers:
Choose cucumbers as small and as even as possible. This will make it easier to put them in the jar. Also check that the cucumbers are hard and firm. Buy cucumbers in the morning. The earlier the better. The best pickling cucumbers are picked up max. 7 hours earlier. The best chance for such cucumbers is to buy them directly from farmers if you go to the nearest market. The best pickling jars are lithium jars. Check that they have no brushed edges and wash them thoroughly. The nuts must also be clean and undamaged. How to place cucumbers? They like compression, so place them vertically and very close to each other. The tighter it is, the better. Fill the gaps with garlic, horseradish and dill. Provide ready mixed spices for sour cucumbers, but always choose those without sodium glutamate. High quality herbs and spices used in traditional methods of souring and a special recipe will perfectly preserve the taste of fresh vegetables and guarantee the success of souring.
Recipe for pickled cucumbers
Ground cucumbers;
Mixture of spices for sour cucumbers.
Place the washed cucumbers vertically in jars. Place 2-3 cloves of garlic, a piece of horseradish and a branch of fennel between the cucumbers for each litre of jar. Prepare the lagoon in a separate pot into which to pour water, add 1 large spoon of salt per liter of water. To enrich the taste of cucumbers we add a ready mixture of spices for sour cucumbers, preferably without the addition of sodium glutamate. After boiling, pour into jars so as to cover all the cucumbers. Close the jars and move them to a darkened and cool place.
In order to ensure the best taste of pickled cucumbers, Appetita spices and a special mixture for pickling cucumbers will be useful.
Photo press releases / Appetita
Appetita, a mixture for sour cucumbers, is a combination of the highest quality herbs and spices used in traditional methods of souring in appropriate proportions. This recipe, which has been proven for years, perfectly preserves the taste of fresh vegetables and guarantees success in the preparation of homemade mortars.

How to hang cucumbers in jars to make them hard
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