How do I recover from an injury?

Injuries are one of the most common injuries suffered by physically active and professional athletes. Injuries cause pain, exclusion from everyday activities, and sometimes even mental blockages. Depending on the type of injury and the specificity of the body, convalescence can last from several days up to several months and longer. It is important to know what injuries you may encounter in order to be able to prevent them effectively. Find out what are the most common injuries and how to recover from them.
Coupling – This type of injury is most commonly associated with ankle and knee joints. The ligaments are first damaged. The swing is most often accompanied by people practicing sports, often insufficiently prepared and trained, often overweight. The injury is accompanied by characteristic “crunching”. Post-torsional pain usually does not occur until the second day after an accident.
Bruising – is caused by external injuries – usually a fall or an impact. It consists in crushing cells, breaking the fibers of the intercellular substance, damage to vessels and nerves. Symptoms are usually pain and bruises. In most cases, wraps and ointments are recommended for breakage.
Torsion – This can occur within the ligament or in the area of the ligament bone attachment. People who practice sports are most at risk of the ankle joint twisting. The treatment time depends on the type of damage, usually between 3 and 6 weeks. The turn most often concerns the feet and occurs quite suddenly. Most often it occurs due to incorrect positioning of the foot on the ground and falling on the curved foot. Symptoms of turning include swelling, bruising, walking difficulties, reduced movement and pain. This type of injury most often affects people who work physically, amateurly and professionally in sport.
Tension of ligaments – this injury is treated relatively quickly, therefore it should not cause any further complications and should require advanced rehabilitation. People practicing sports (yoga, fitness, pilates) suffer from ligament tension. Binding ties are structures that bind bones together and allow them to move around at the same time. However, they are flexible, but can be broken off as a result of too much overload. Symptoms of injury include haematoma, swelling, bruising, pain and walking difficulties.
Reconvalescence of joints
In most cases, the doctor will recommend joint immobilisation as the first step. They can be made with the use of a professional stabilizer or special pads, in the most extreme cases gypsum is used. In addition, it is important to alleviate pain and visible bruises or haematomas. For this purpose, cold or warm wraps will work well, which will adequately stimulate circulation in the damaged joint. During convalescence it is also recommended to have an appropriate diet, enriched with vitamin C, vitamins B, iron and zinc, as well as to use appropriate dietary supplements. LitozinĀ® dietary supplement is a unique dietary supplement developed especially for physically active people (regardless of the intensity or frequency of exercise). Thanks to the content of vitamin C, it supports proper collagen production to ensure proper functioning of cartilage and promotes the regeneration of joint cartilage. The wild rose, on the other hand, helps to keep the joints healthy and elastic for longer.
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How to regain joint efficiency after a injury
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