Many of the ingredients contained in dietary supplements play an important role in the processes taking place in the human body. One of them is L-carnitine, whose primary function is to transport fatty acids to the mitochondria. This is from a purely biological perspective, but how does L-carnitine affect a person who wants to lose weight? Is it crucial?
A few words about L-carnitine
Since L-carnitine is actively involved in the transport of fatty acids, a deficiency in L-carnitine may even end. Although this is extremely rare, shortages can lead to many ailments, including weakening of the heart or skeletal muscles, and sometimes even their disappearance.
So what is happening the other way round?
If your body has enough L-carnitine, or if you take supplements rich in L-carnitine, you can be sure that burning unwanted fat will be much more effective. If it were not for the L-carnitine action, combustion would simply have been impossible – this is the main reason for treating it as an extremely important element.
The effects of L-carnitine are also significant from a purely health perspective – its beneficial effects are observed in the treatment of many diseases and illnesses. These include muscle damage, cardiovascular failure, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.
L-carnitine and weight loss
Taking L-carnitine as a dietary supplement will have the effect that you expect only under a few conditions. As it is extremely important for fat burning, combined with training and calorie control, it will inhibit the formation of unwanted fatty tissue.
The main properties of L-carnitine in weight loss are as follows:
support of fat burning,
acceleration of weight loss during exercises,
prevents the formation of fatty tissue
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The most important is physical effort – not only with L-carnitine supplementation, but also with other substances available on the market.
If you don’t plan to exercise – yes, L-carnitine will work, but only for the fats you eat. This does not mean, however, that you can eat as much as you want and as much as you want.
In the absence of training and, what is worse, lack of any physical effort, L-carnitine does not affect the fat, which in excessive amounts is located where it is not most difficult to get rid of, i.e. in specially adapted fat cells.
Success with L-carnitine
In order to achieve the best results from fat burning and L-carnitine intake, several important principles have to be observed.
Training should take place about 3-6 hours after consumption of L-carnitine, it is then that its concentration in the body is the highest, so it will work out most effectively.
Take L-carnitine for two weeks every two weeks, so take exactly the same amount of time as you take the supplement.
3. train – remember that training does not only mean tedious and tiring exercises, go on a bike, play volleyball, dance – move as you like, every movement counts.
Reduce calorie intake – no dietary supplement will help you lose weight if you do not lose weight.

LCarnitine is a good way to reduce weight
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