It is a fact that people always find better what is natural. There is a lot of talk now about the harmfulness of chemical substances. More and more people are giving up processed food altogether and making sure that their diet is “clean”, which means that it consists only of natural products, such as organic vegetables and fruits. Natural supplements for athletes are also considered beneficial for health. But are they really better than those containing synthetic substances?


Not always. Because a natural dietary supplement, just like a synthetic one, can also be overdosed. Even beta-carotene could be overdosed by eating huge amounts of carrots or drinking equally large portions of carrot juice, although this would be quite difficult because no one would be able to squeeze a kilo of orange vegetables into themselves day after day. However, a dietary supplement is always a concentrated preparation. It contains high doses of specific substances, which can be too high for some people. And especially for those people who ingest such supplements for athletes without any restraint and in larger doses than those specified by the manufacturer and marked on the product packaging. This should not be done. The whole truth is hidden in the statement that it is the dose that makes the poison. In fact, even sugar is not poison if you use it occasionally, adding it, for example, in minimal quantities to homemade cakes. The problem only arises when too much of any single compound begins to be present in the diet.


Always, before supplementing your diet with dietary supplements and even those completely natural, you should check their origin. You need to find out what they are made of and if they have been tested. It has already been discovered many times that some supplements were contaminated with toxic substances. It is worth betting on proven and trusted manufacturers who have been on the market for years.