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Can oysters be an aphrodisiac? Yes, of course! A passionate night preceded by a culinary feast should not happen without this inconspicuous mussel. It will awaken your senses and make you not forget the time spent together for a long time.
Oysters are controversial. For some, just looking at a closed shell causes unpleasant sensations. The others are indifferent to this delicacy. The third group is seafood enthusiasts, for whom oysters are the best delicacies in the world. Depending on which group you belong to, you should enrich your culinary experience with oysters. Thanks to them, the moments spent together will be rich in a rage of sexual excitement.
Poor potency? Eat oysters!
Oysters have long been used as aphrodisiacs. During excavations in Spain, a group of archaeologists discovered that Neanderthal Men living in the area consumed it more than 150,000 years ago. In turn in ancient times sexual properties of oysters were discovered. They were used to treat potency in men, yet at that time there were no famous blue tablets. The doctors of the time unanimously emphasized that the shape of the oysters resembles that of men’s nuclei. The antiquity era was full of enthusiasts of these crustaceans. The Roman Emperor Vitalius brought them from Great Britain. The Chinese also ran special oyster farms. In retrospect, it is obvious that Casanova himself also used it in his love conquests. Legend has it that, according to custom, he ate as many as 50 oysters for breakfast.
Once again, it turns out that people living in antiquity were many years ahead of our contemporaries. It was not until the twentieth century that research was carried out in which it was discovered that oysters contained rich deposits of zinc. What is more, they are its biggest natural source! This element is very helpful in improving the quality of the sperm. It also regulates the level of testosterone. Regular consumption of oysters increases the amount of semen produced. Therefore, in addition to the undeniable erotic properties, oysters can be helpful in treating male infertility. For women, oyster consumption regulates menstrual cycles.
A Gift for All
Oysters are associated with many people as a very luxurious dish. The elites had to earn such a reputation for themselves. In the USA it was eaten, for example, by King Stanisław August Poniatowski. Nowadays, however, oysters can be bought in good shops, delicatessens, fish shops and grocery stores. The average price for oysters is USD 7 per oyster. It may vary depending on the size of the bivalve mollusc. Of course, there are also many online shops where prices are much higher. They offer luxurious mussels from all over the world. When buying oysters, make sure that the shell is closed. If not, it is bad and unfit for consumption.
What is important, oysters can be a dish for everyone. Some people see water spilling out of their shells and the slightly gelatinous consistency of the oyster. Many of the food in the raw oyster is like eating raw meat. However, they can be prepared in many different ways. Not only do raw products have a rich nutritional value, but they are also baked or smoked. They also taste great with herbs, butter, oil or spicy cheese.
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Oysters aphrodisiac not only for rich people
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