Practical solutions for kitchen cabinets

How can I make it easier for my customers to use high cabinets in their kitchens? One solution is the so-called pull-out systems, which allow the entire contents to be pulled out with a single hand movement.

High cabinets are a fashionable, functional and impressive solution for kitchens. They offer plenty of storage space,

They also look great, especially in the vicinity of a fridge or in various recesses. But how to make it easy to use them?

In modern kitchen designs, more and more often you can find so called posts – high cabinets of the size of a fridge, or even larger. Their popularity results mainly from functional reasons. They offer incomparably more space for storage than any other kitchen furniture. In addition, they allow easier access to supplies than, for example, the lower corners. They are also a perfect substitute or alternative to the traditional pantry, which most owners of apartments, or even small houses, can only dream of.

However, this does not change the fact that the pillars can be problematic. At least two meters high (and often reaching even the ceiling), they can be quite deep – even over 60 cm. This means that while shelves at eye and hand height are relatively easily accessible, it can be difficult to find the product you need on lower or higher shelves. Pull-out systems are a way to make it easier for you to use the pillars.

The system allows all baskets to be fully pulled out of the cabinet body at once, allowing easy access to inventory. One move makes the contents of the entire cabinet in sight. You can easily adapt to your individual needs. The baskets can be mounted at the desired height, which allows you to accommodate both tall bottles and small jars, while not wasting valuable space. The use of modern and durable driving systems guarantees comfort of movement – pulling out even a fully loaded cargo is not a problem. And if you install an opening aid system, just a light touch of the front finger is enough to make the cargo noiselessly slide out of the cabinet. Drawers and pull-out shelves are another way to arrange the posts. The former will work well in the lower part of the post. In the case of upper parts, openwork drawers with low sides or pull-out shelves can be a solution.


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Practical solutions for kitchen cabinets
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