Achieving excellent results in professional sports nowadays would not be possible without proper supplementation, selected individually to the needs of each athlete and the discipline he or she practices.

Supplementation is aimed at supplementing the diet; supplements are foodstuffs that are a source of vitamins and various kinds of minerals and substances that cause an eating effect. It is worth knowing that according to Polish law supplements are not drugs, therefore they are not subject to pharmaceutical law in any way.


Professionally applied supplements for athletes improve their performance over time and strengthen their bodies. There are many types and brands of supplements available on the market. Unfortunately, not all products are of the highest quality, as the Supreme Chamber of Control recently found in its report. Careful selection of supplements is therefore now a necessity, you should carefully analyze the composition of the product before buying and taking it.

Supplements for athletes can be divided into several groups. We distinguish here, for example, ergogenic agents and foods. When it comes to foods that are supplements at the same time, we are talking about well-known energy bars or fat and sugar-free sweets.

Ergogenic agents are a more complicated matter. These are substances designed to increase the performance, endurance of athletes. A popular supplement among athletes is creatine. It is a substance appearing in muscles, it is an excellent source of energy useful during short-term effort. It is valued mainly by representatives of strength sports. In them, the intensity of movements is short. It is recommended for people who want to build strength and muscle mass. It is not the best choice when training for endurance sports. Most supplements are also based on caffeine. This is the most popular stimulant. It has a positive effect on concentration and physical performance.