If you have not eaten a healthy diet so far, or if you like to eat fried, roasted or grilled foods, you may not be so enthusiastic about a proposal such as steam cooked dishes. But basically, why? Perhaps you don’t even know the taste of such dishes and don’t know what you’re losing! Do you want to know what a steamer is, how to use it and why it is worth it? Would you like to get more than one great idea for a quick lunch? We invite you to read it!
Steam cooker dishes, i.e…..
The steamer, as its name suggests, is a device used for steam cooking. This is usually a multi-storey unit, so you can simultaneously prepare e.g. meat, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables in a separate sieve (container).
You can choose between gas/induction evaporator models or electric evaporators. As for the latter, it is now possible to buy models that are extremely energy efficient, so the large electricity bill for using the device, even a few times a week, is unlikely to endanger anyone.
The most important advantage of the steamer is that the products retain their natural taste, aroma and colour and do not lose their nutritional value, as is the case with traditional cooking in water or frying. A steamer is the best recipe for a quick, healthy dinner. It’s really fast, because both meat and potatoes can be prepared in 10-15 minutes!
The idea of a steam cooker? Check these regulations!
Mango and chilli salmon
The steam cooker is ideal for preparing fish. It is worth trying salmon in a different version than always. Simply prepare a marinade (a little olive oil and your favourite herbs) and rub the fish together. Place the salmon in the steam cooker for about 10-12 minutes. At the same time you can prepare the potatoes in a separate sieve.
One mango, half chilli, little shallot, a little sugar, lemon juice and olive oil will be needed to prepare the salsa. Mango, chilli and shallot finely cut and mix thoroughly. Finally, add the lemon juice, sugar and olive oil. Arrange the ready salsa for salmon. You can sprinkle dill on the potatoes. Delicious, aromatic and healthy dinner ready!
Chicken rolls
Another interesting and extremely appetising offer is the chicken roulade prepared in the steam cooker. Wash and dry the chicken fillets and break them gently so that they can be rolled up comfortably. Season the meat with herbs. Cut in strips fresh red pepper, pickled cucumbers, onion, carrot.
Mix together and place the “vegetable cartridge” on the fillets, roll it up into rolls and wrap it into aluminum foil. Put into the steam cooker and steam for about 20 minutes. You can add potatoes, rice or groats to the chicken – also prepared in the steam cooker.
Pierogi with… chicken!
If you love dumplings with meat, this proposal for a tasty and healthy dinner will certainly appeal to you. What are these dumplings? Made of dough, potted chicken and dried tomatoes! You can prepare the dough yourself (mixing 2 glasses of flour with 1 glass of hot water) or buy it ready. Wash, dry and cut into small pieces the chicken fillet. Spice it up with your favourite herbs.
Cut the dough into small squares and put a piece of chicken, a bit of sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese on a double layer of dough. Put the dough together (you can gently soak the edges so that the dough sticks together better). Place the aluminium foil on the evaporator tray and place the dumplings on it. Boil for about 20-25 minutes. For example, you can serve with soy sauce and fresh herbs. Tasty!

Steamer dishes the best ideas for a healthy dinner
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