The school trip is already over, which is what to buy to prepare your child for the first grade.
Notebooks, blocks, crayons, pens, plasticine, paints… Is this already all that a future first-class student needs? If you are not sure whether your little one’s baggage is complete, we invite you to read it!
The primary rule when completing the expedition for the first child is common sense, which is difficult especially when we are sending our first child to school and when the institution has not provided a list of necessary items. Regardless of whether it is a private or public school, it is important that the items purchased are not only colorful and nice, but also practical and safe for the little one. Remember that it is a good idea to make a list before going shopping, so as not to go crazy in front of the shelves.
The bag is the base
The backpack for your child should be not too heavy and it should be adjusted to its height. Bottom stiffness, profile and soft thick harness with adjustment option are required. The first class should certainly have a bag with several compartments, which will help him to keep his house in order. An interesting proposition is a wheeled backpack with a handle, thanks to which the little one will not have to carry heavy loads every day.
Notebooks and writing utensils
First-grade students write a lot in textbooks and special exercise books, which is why thin a5 format notebooks are usually suitable for them, but one in three lines and one in a box is enough to start with, and the teacher will certainly give you further instructions. Rather, you have to give up notebooks with a hard cover or those with the size of a4, which will be too heavy and inconvenient for the little one. Of course, the basis is the purchase of a blue or black pen, preferably a few pieces, because children often lose small items. At this stage of education he writes a lot and is marked with colourful pens and markers, which cannot be missing in the expedition. You will also need an eraser, a pencil and a ruler to draw and write, and the pencil tools must hold a large enough pencil holder!
For art classes
Visual and technical activities are a very important part of children’s lessons in the first form. They allow you to practice dexterity, precision and creativity. Of course, you will need crayons, paints – preferably posters, two brush thicknesses, regular and technical blocks, colour paper, tissue paper, plasticine, glue and scissors with rounded tips. To start with, such equipment is certainly enough, because before performing atypical work, the teacher usually warns the parents what the children have to prepare.
Pride, bag and outfit for the W-F
Your child must have alternating shoes at school and a bag where they can be stored. Sometimes, separate footwear is also required for physical education or corrective gymnastics or extra-curricular sports activities. You should also prepare a suitable suit for the W-F – tracksuit or shorts and a cotton blouse for a short sleeve. Your child will be comfortable wearing clothes in a special bag.
What else should you keep in mind? Certainly it is a great fun and encouragement for the little one to complete the expedition, so let him choose accessories with his favourite characters from the fairy tale or colors. In addition, all children’s gadgets should be signed with their first and last names so that they do not hang up in the classroom.
Source: Academy International – Wawer School.

The school’s expedition is already time or what to buy to properly prepare your child for the first class of
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