Top 5 directions for a dream honeymoon month
A honeymoon month is a long-awaited journey for many couples, which will allow them to rest after months of intense preparation for the wedding and a loud wedding. So it is worth to plan this time in such a way that two lovers can feel as if they are in paradise. For this to happen, you simply have to choose one of the ideal directions for an exotic honey month.

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Planning your wedding trip to Bali is a great idea for anyone who wants to combine lazy beaches with active relaxation. Kilometers of beaches, coral reefs, waterfalls, calm waters, but also foamy waves of the Indian Ocean, tropical forests, jungles, UNESCO-listed rice terraces, volcanoes, fabulous temples – all these can be found on this small island of Gods, which is called Bali.
Dominican Republic
The Caribbean with the Dominican Republic at the forefront is synonymous with a turquoise sea and white sandy beaches that stretch endlessly. The famous Makao and Bavaro beaches and the Amber Coast of the north of the Dominican Republic are particularly ideal places for married couples who want paradise under the palm trees. Especially the latter part of the island is popular with tourists because of the ideal combination of exoticism and affordable prices. The Caribbean is also a perfect place for all those who are eager to experience and explore new corners of the world. These include the Damajagua Waterfalls National Park, Samana and the El Limon Waterfall, as well as the cable car to the top of the Pico Isabel de Torres.
French Polynesia
French Polynesia gives everyone a lot of choice, because it consists of as many as five archipelagos located in the Pacific Ocean, among which there is the famous island of Bora-Bora. There will be a perfect place for every couple who want to relax on paradise’s beaches. It’s also a great opportunity for all newlyweds to celebrate their new way of life in a unique way – with Polynesian music and tropical flowers with exotic landscapes and the Pacific in the background. Choosing French Polynesia for your honeymoon month, you can be sure that the hospitable inhabitants of this region will do their best to make your time unforgettable, full of positive experiences and romantic moments.
The ocean’s azure water, sandy beaches, the guarantee of beautiful weather, exotic drinks and blissful laziness on deck chairs under palm trees – there’s probably no better scenario for a wedding trip. Choosing Seychelles you can be sure that a honeymoon month will be a romantic time spent only for two. These African islands are also a perfect destination for those who want to have an active holiday. Simply go on an optional trip to get to know the paradise of Seychelles.
Couples who are tired of planning a wedding and organizing a loud wedding deserve to relax in an exotic way. The dream of a blissful rest for only two and spending many romantic moments in paradise can come true if Mauritius goes on his wedding journey. This island state, located in the Indian Ocean far from the mainland, offers attractions for active tourists and moments of peace for newly baked spouses.
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Top 5 directions for a dream honeymoon month
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