Every parent stepping into their role wants their baby to spend every moment after coming into the world with joy. To make this process easier for him, parents are eager to buy their kids all sorts of toys to bring a smile to their face. However, it is not always so simple and obvious – what to buy a baby? Many people think that his interactions with objects are severely limited, but it does not have to be so at all! A baby is a child who admittedly does not have the ability to speak, write or read. That’s okay – everything in its own time! It is important to focus on what he can do – whether it is picking up sounds, squeezing or being interested in bright colors. Nowadays, where store shelves are filled with these three features, you can really choose a lot of interesting “time killers”. But how to choose the right ones?

Characteristics of toys for babies

Toys for babies should first of all be adjusted to their age. That’s why it is worth to pay attention to 3m+, 6m+ markings on toy emblems and match them to the age of your toddler. Another valuable tip is to choose educational toys that will not only be fun for your child, but will also allow him to develop properly and quickly. Those that interact with as many aspects of your child’s brain as possible will be the best.
Some good examples include;
-Educational cube – supports the motor and sensory development of toddlers
-Educational mat – not only does it provide access to interesting toys on all sides around baby, it also protects him from cold and hard ground by providing soft cushioning.
-Educational pendant – colorful and sound toy that can be successfully hung over the baby’s bed, entertaining him after waking up or calming before going to sleep.

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Educational toys for infants are an ideal solution for a gift for toddlers. It is also worth to pay attention to safety certificates and anti-allergic materials to ensure the highest level of comfort for the baby.