Choosing toys for a school-aged child can be a challenge for many parents and caregivers. A child of this age can be a picky eater, and they get to know a lot of other kids’ toys, so they often want something new and different all the time. A school child already knows exactly what he wants to play with. His development is definitely at a higher level than it is in the case of infants, so it requires a little more.

Interesting and creative toys…

To stimulate the creativity of such a child should choose such toys, which are very interesting to him and preferably at the same time make that time for playing will not be wasted. The idea here is that through play he will learn new skills, or polish those already acquired. It is while learning new features through play that neurons in the child’s brain are constantly working, creating new connections and developing the child on different levels. Such toys are called educational toys, which revolutionized some time ago spending free time of the child. Some of the most popular toys that inspire parents include:
-Sorters; they are highly valued in the toy market and by children. It is a toy which mechanism of operation is based on a special box with matching holes to the elements included in the package. The child’s task is to match the blocks, paying attention to their shapes and colors, to the appropriate holes that are on the surface of the box. This builds coordination and creativity.
-Magnetic boards – another good idea for a child who, using such a board, can stick any elements on its surface creating a whole picture. Thanks to this, the child’s creativity develops all the time, as he can create practically anything he dreams of on it.


The best toy for a child of school age is an educational toy. It is thanks to it, in addition to having fun, you can make the child smarter and better able to cope in later life.