is a basic and very frequently used form of press advertising. At a time of massive crisis in traditional written media, newspaper publishers are very open to advertisers and, although it may sound bad, they can agree to publish anything that is free of material misstatement, does not offend anyone and, of course, has been paid properly. But if you think it’s enough to write any text on your knee, buy a place to publish, and watch your customers hit the company with their doors and windows, you’re wrong. We list the most common mistakes which in practice destroy the sense of advertising with the help of a sponsored article.

Strict advertising character

Poorly written, he does not even try to pretend to be a substantive text. From the title to the last dot is a stream of advertising gibberish, which will not interest anyone, and certainly not a reader reaching for a newspaper while eating lunch or resting after work on the sofa.

A good editorial team will immediately withdraw such a text and will not agree to its publication, but the problem is that there are fewer and fewer good editors. In the press sector, the first violin is played today by publishers who are guided solely by economic criteria. If a newspaper does not earn money, it disappears from the market – simple. Therefore, even recently respected titles have widely opened their doors to advertisers, not even interfering especially with the content of sponsored articles. You pay, it’s publish what you want.

Nevertheless, it is not worth going down this road. It is de facto a pushy advertisement, at most it may increase brand awareness, but it will not have a positive impact on its reception.
Too much content
We can go against it, and even rebel against it, but we will not change the fact that we live in the age of picture culture. Fewer and fewer people are reading books and the development of the Internet (a source of fast, easily assimilated information) is the main reason for the collapse of the press market. What is the result? There is no point in writing long sponsored articles.
Such an article should not smuggle all information about a product or service. Its aim is to interest the reader and make him/her complete the knowledge on his/her own, e.g. by looking at the website of the article sponsor.

No journalistic/literary value

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a work worthy of the Pulitzer prize. However, minimum quality standards should be maintained when writing this document. The main mistake made by advertisers is to entrust the creation of an article to a secretary, a marketing department employee or a salesman. The effects are usually lamentable.
An article written by a person who does not have language skills to create public content is a simple recipe for an image catastrophe. Such texts are full of errors, grammatically incorrect, boring, and thus they reject the reader. Therefore, there is no question of effective promotion, as it is a condition of this promotion that someone reads the article.
If you are planning to publish a sponsored article in the press, it is important to take into account the advice given in this text. If you reproduce these errors, you can be sure that you will only throw the money out of the air.