In order to take good care of the interior of your wardrobe and the material goods stored in it, you need to ensure an optimum supply of fresh air. Some people decide to ventilate and open the cupboards, but this is problematic and often forgotten. However, there is a way out of this situation! To put an end to this routine once and for all, you can install furniture grilles and ensure constant air circulation without thinking about the problematic opening of cupboards on certain days. Furniture grilles are so well made these days that they can simply be an interesting functional addition to furniture.

Functionality of furniture grilles

Furniture grilles provide ventilation and air diffusion between the inside of the furniture and the outside environment. Furnica has created top quality ventilation grilles using a durable and strong material – aluminium. The ventilation grille is a very simple, fast and effective solution. It is most often used for kitchen cabinets, where it is mounted on the bottom of the cabinet. Thanks to this in kitchens where the level of humidity is high due to the high concentration of water vapour, it is safe to maintain the quality of items inside the cabinet. In addition, grilles are installed in wardrobes with clothes. They are often left unopened for a long time, for example during winter, so the clothes inside may absorb a bad smell which is created by the presence of one and the same air inside. This can cause clothes to deteriorate and smell unpleasant. Therefore, such a furniture grid ensuring air circulation will be a great solution. In offices with a lot of paperwork, furniture grilles will also work well! A high level of humidity is not good for paper, so good air ventilation will ensure that the papers will remain unchanged for a long time. A final example is the grilles present in the doors to bathrooms and toilets – these are rooms where there are often no windows, so fresh air after getting out of a hot shower will be very pleasant and necessary.


Good management of furniture and the items inside it is extremely important – so installing furniture grilles will be a great solution. They come in neutral colours such as silver, white or black, so they won’t be too conspicuous for people around them.