Probably like everyone else these days, you take care of your form and health through regular exercise. You force your whole body to work harder and harder. Maybe you go to the gym three or four times a week, lifting heavy weights and stimulating your muscles to grow, or maybe you just run to participate in a real marathon at the end of the year. In all of these situations, your body is put to the test, so if you want it to never let you down, you need to support it somehow. Turn your attention to supplements for athletes. At the very beginning, choose from them the right vitamins and minerals, thanks to which your body will have more energy and will start to regenerate faster. All this so that you can continue to exercise intensively.


In the diet of athletes can not miss a number of B vitamins. In general, they take care of the nervous system and ensure proper muscle function. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, it will be more difficult for you to absorb these compounds, because they are only found in larger quantities in animal products. And vitamin B12 is not found in plant products at all. So since your diet contains no meat, dairy or cheese, you need to start taking vitamin B12 supplements for athletes. Some studies have even shown that this vitamin has the ability to accelerate the growth of muscle mass. So if you are looking for a sizeable muscular body, you should definitely take an interest in this compound.


Intense workout makes you lose a lot of water with sweat, and with water you flush various minerals out of your body. You need to provide them to yourself in larger quantities. You even need larger doses of sodium, even though this very mineral is considered by some to be harmful. However, the body cannot function without sodium. And it is the mineral that is most heavily flushed out with sweat. Some athletes even do so, that they add a pinch of salt to the water, which they take with them for training. However, this is not necessary.