We make certain purchasing decisions based on practical arguments. Therefore, we buy nightwear paying special attention to the cut, material, price and, in part, the aesthetic side. It would seem that design is only a matter of taste, but it would be too general a thing.
As research has shown, the colour of the elements of underwear that a woman chooses alone can tell a lot about its character, approach to life… and even the mood. Daily underwear is the most likely to hit, but what women wear at night can also be a valuable subject for research and a source of accurate hypotheses. Colours most frequently selectedThe palette of lingerie shades (day and night) contains many different colours. Only a few of them belong to the most frequently chosen group, as they are the most classic and therefore the most popular. However, the differences between them, especially in relation to the nature of their users, are quite considerable. What secrets do they hide in a woman’s interior? In order to discover them, it is worth to pay attention to such colours as:- Welsh (for women who like naturalness, free lifestyle, relaxation and openness in relations with other people), – Red (for women who are self-confident, hitsome, characterised by high energy in their private and professional lives and prone to drama), – Black (they are worn by individualists, strongly stretched on the ground and like to emphasize their charm in a subtle and unconstrained way),- pink (for women with romantic souls, who like to give in to their dreams and who believe in great love, sometimes slightly naive and who do not like to take initiative), – white (it might seem that this is a sign of innocence, but just as often it turns out that it is behind them an openness to experiments, an apparent timidity and a desire to learn).Colour of underwear and moodThe subconsciousness in choosing the colour palette of underwear day and night has much in common with the characteristics of the character of the wearer, but also with the mood in which the woman is or would like to create. Referring to the following list, we can find out that: – white suggests moments important for women, e.g. The wedding and the desire to create an innocent and delicate atmosphere – the black colour is supposed to be slimming, moreover it is associated with sensuality and seduction (obviously a colour that can create an evening atmosphere full of elegance), – the pink colour worn by most women is supposed to emphasize the romantic mood and joy, – the red colour is a sign that a woman experiences strong emotions; Perhaps because of a very important opportunity for her, or maybe because she has an important business meeting at which she will have to demonstrate strongly to arrange the contract with her company, – violet color testifies to the uniqueness of the situation and highlights her romance and sensuality, – blue color introduces an atmosphere of relaxation; may also suggest the creative process in which a woman is involved, – green is the least common but important colour, because it has a calming effect (often chosen by future mothers or women who are serious about motherhood).Of course, the colour palette has many other shades – such as the division into cold and warm, but if you look at the above list you can easily determine what emotions, character features and atmosphere is closest to a specific woman wearing such underwear during the day or night.
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