In the Polish SEO industry, it has been adopted to define a number of activities that are to contribute to increasing the visibility of the website in the network and achieve a high position in search results. Positioning includes, among other things, optimization of the website, acquisition of valuable links, creation of unique content which is saturated with appropriately selected and selected keywords.

Positioning = SEO?

SEO and positioning are the same concepts, so they can be treated as synonyms (although not all industry specialists think so).


Only some representatives of the Polish Internet marketing industry use the distinction between positioning and SEO understood only as on-site activities. Our western neighbors, when they use the term SEO, mean all activities related to improving the visibility of websites on the web.

Technical optimization and positioning are so closely related that it is difficult to separate them and treat them as separate activities.
Both SEO, understood only as technical optimization of the website, as well as positioning are aimed at the same goal, which is to improve the position of the service in search results.

If a SEO specialist uses the term SEO or SEO or search engine optimisation when reporting on the website, he or she will always mean improving the visibility of the website in organic search results.

What is positioning?
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