Attractive design is important for every human being. The way a person looks is largely testimony to their character, which is why it is worth looking good and being well-groomed. White, even teeth and a beautiful smile are one of the earliest noticed advantages, so nice teeth should be a priority for everyone. Sometimes, however, they are not entirely aesthetic – yellow, discoloured enamel does not look nice. However, there are currently several ways to do this, so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a snow-white smile.


Why do teeth turn yellow?

Some people, even maintaining special dental and oral hygiene, complain about a yellow shade of teeth. There may be several reasons for this. One of the most common causes is improper diet. Coffee, tea, ColaCola and other beverages leave a deposit on the enamel of the teeth. Drinking them often causes an unaesthetic, yellow shade of teeth. Some fruits, such as grapefruit or blueberries, contain a lot of dye, which can settle on the teeth. Another reason for dealing with yellow teeth and discolouration is smoking. Yellow teeth may also be the result of some medicines.

Overlay method – Whitening of teeth at home

If you want to whiten teeth, you can use several available methods. The easiest way to use the whitening belts without any problems is to use them, but their effect is rather weak and the effects are not very visible. There are also whitening belts available on the market, which can be purchased in the drugstore and used as a stand-alone home treatment. An expensive but effective solution is professional whitening in a dental office. An alternative to expensive whitening by a dentist is the overlay method – whitening under the eye of a dentist, but done at home.
If you want to use the overlay method for teeth whitening, you should first consult your dentist. Your dentist should do a thorough review of the condition of your teeth at the outset, as this method of whitening requires the treatment of all tooth defects. Gum disease may also be a contraindication, which is why it will be necessary to deal with this problem. After the treatment of the teeth, the dentist takes a so-called “mold”. Based on this toothprint, he will make two gel overlays, which will be used to whiten teeth at home. The second visit is the moment when the patient receives the overlays together with the whitening preparation. The concentration of this preparation is determined individually by the doctor. The more sensitive the teeth, the lower the concentration of bleaching agent should be, the higher the tolerance, the more you can afford.
This method is home therapy. The patient is equipped with overlays, equipment and a whitening preparation. Tooth whitening is carried out by means of daily overlays. They are worn for about 4 hours a day or overnight. The bleaching treatment with gel pads takes two to four weeks. It is also important to remember about the doctor’s recommendations. During the therapy and about two weeks after its termination, the rules of the so-called “white diet” should be observed. The diet is based on the exclusion from the diet of all colourful beverages and foods, such as coffee or tea, some fruits (berries), wine.
The advantage of the overlay method is its simplicity and price. If you want to have a beautiful white smile, it is worth fighting for your dream look. As you can see, teeth whitening does not have to be difficult, and the effects last a long time.
Source: – Effective tooth whitening.