The term “white diet” can be associated quite unambiguously with the consumption of products in white only. To some extent, this is true, but not entirely. the diet is based on ingredients that do not have any artificial and natural dyes. We are therefore talking not only about curd cheese, which is simply white, but also about certain vegetables, certain types of meat, fruit and so on. The factor that determines whether a product can be eaten or not is the colour content.
And what is the purpose of a white diet like this? It is particularly recommended to use it after a tooth whitening procedure. Then, for up to 14 days, certain nutritional principles must be observed, thanks to which the effect after whitening can last much longer. At the same time, such a diet will have a very positive impact on health. Products without dyes are natural, unprocessed and simply healthy. diet means therefore giving up sweets and fast-food products in favour of much healthier products.
diet – what to eat to fully comply with its rules?
It may seem like a very troublesome white diet. What to eat to follow its rules and at the same time provide your body with all the nutrients it needs?
When choosing finished products in stores, you should read their composition and check whether they contain any dyes. There are only two exceptions: E171, or calcium carbonate, and E171, or titanium dioxide, both of which denote the white colour that is, of course, permitted on this diet.
The principles of a white diet make it clear what to eat and what not to eat:
– white cheeses, milk, buttermilk, kephir, yoghurt,
– fruit: bananas,
– light-coloured vegetables: potatoes, parsley, white beans, white cabbage, aubergines and skinless courgettes,
– turkey and chicken,
– rice,
– cereal products,
– lamb and barley groats.
Alcohol and carbonated drinks, fruit juices and dark coloured fruit should be avoided. Do not use spices such as curry, pepper, cinnamon or turmeric to cook.
diet – recipes for tasty dishes
Quite restrictive and even specific rules are followed by a white diet. The regulations in this case must be very carefully thought out and planned. It is precisely thanks to a good plan that it will be much easier to carry out such a diet.
Chicken breast in mushroom sauce.
– chicken breast,
– 200 g of mushrooms,
– 90 g of natural yoghurt,
– salt and pepper.
Cut the chicken breast into pieces and season it with salt and pepper to taste. Cut and fry the mushrooms in butter and after a while add the meat to them. Fry until the meat turns golden. Add natural yoghurt and mix. You can serve this dish with rice or pasta.
2. salad
– chicken breast,
– white beans (may be canned),
– 4 eggs,
– 100 g of mozzarella,
– 6 spoonfuls of natural yoghurt,
– 200 g of pickled mushrooms,
– salt and pepper to taste.
Fry the chopped chicken breast with a little oil in the golden colour. Boil the eggs hard and cut them into cubes when they have cooled down. Cut mushrooms and mozzarella as well. Combine and mix all the ingredients, then season to taste.
3 Warm white chocolate
– 100 g of white chocolate,
– 300 ml of milk,
– 2 tablespoons of cream 30%.
Put the chocolate in a pot pouring milk over it and slowly heat until completely dissolved. Mix often. Add the cream and boil. Pour into cups and serve warm.

what to eat and regulations based on white products
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