After all, it is well known that the sex of beauty divides its beauty according to specific patterns. Each woman represents a type of beauty. Although they are all beautiful, each group in a slightly different way. Of course, nature can be a little cheated, but is it worth it? Are the men choosing for two dates guided by their preferences as to the type of beauty? The matrimonial portal MyDwoje asked more than 600 respondents about it in the study “What type of beauty do you consider to be the most attractive? See how the man speaks in this respect.
Slavs surrounded by American enthusiasts
Singles from the Service definitely declare that they like their native type of beauty. It turns out that the men want to remain faithful to their countrymen, because as many as 41% of men prefer the Slavic type, that is women with bright hair and bright eyes. This kind of beauty is attributed – especially in distant parts of the world – to the representatives of the United States, Ukraine and Russia. More than 20% of men are in opposition to their predecessors and choose ladies with more exotic complexion. Dark, nutty, breakfast complexion as well as dark eyes and hair will be interesting for every fifth Pole.
Men who prefer dark hair and dark eyes have definitely divided. In addition to the type mentioned above, 12 % of men indicate that they also dream of the type of Royal Snow White. Probably brought up on Disney’s cartoons, they can’t imagine the perfect beauty, like the one full of perfectly combined contrasts, where brown eyes and dark hair emphasize a very light, alabaster complexion.
Many admirers will also find women in the typical Central European style. More than 13% of men would like to look into the blue eyes of women with light skin and brown hair.
Asian and English women will not find a husband in the country by the Vistula river
Poles are least crazy about “Angels” of Celtic beauty (pierced complexion, golden or red hair) 6% and about Asian type – olive complexion, black hair, dark eyes. It is slightly surprising that also the Nordic type – very light, pale skin and hair, blue eyes – although pale, there are not many (only 4.5%) amateurs among the men by the Vistula River.
What are men looking for in women?
Often the type of woman’s beauty is preferred by the man concerned because of his upbringing, experience or patterns acquired during his childhood. Fortunately, Polish women – who are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world – represent most types of beauty. These include blonde and black-haired beauties with hypnotizing walnut eyes. Thanks to this, each of the men can find a partner that will be a fulfillment of his dreams and will be ideal for him.
The psychologist Jowita W√≥jcik confirms this statement: What are men looking for in women? Research shows that men consider physical attractiveness to be one of the important determinants of whether she is an ideal partner or not. This is due to the fact that men are visual. However, one should not fall into depression and think that only women of impeccable beauty will find the desired partner. Physical attractiveness is a very general concept: how many types of beauty a woman, so many men willing to consider a specific type as the most beautiful. Interestingly, Michael Lucas Moeller observed in his therapist’s practice that men tend to attribute certain characteristics to women with a given beauty. Physical attraction is therefore only a cover for finding something deeper.

Women’s beauty types that attract men
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