Are you young and thinking about going abroad? Do you care about new experiences and getting to know other cultures through the lining? Would you like to have fun and work at the same time? Think about Au-Pair. Thanks to it you will be able to travel, party in an international environment, and what is important – you will experience the adventure of your life without straining your wallet.

Au-Pair – what is it all about?

Au-Pair is a cultural exchange programme. Provides the participant with work in the form of childcare. If the host family decides to accept the au-pair, they are obliged to pay remuneration, food and accommodation. The program is completely safe. The relevant organisations help you with all the paperwork. The responsibilities of both parties shall be governed by the relevant documents.

What will I gain from Au-Pair?

Childcare gives a lot of satisfaction. But when you decide to leave, work will be just one of your activities. The conditions of the program ensure free time. After hours you can decide on additional classes or trainings. Part of au-pair reconciles studying with studying at foreign universities. The programme itself is a great way to learn a foreign language. In addition, families often pay for language courses. Remember, however, that it is not just science and work that make people live! It’s up to you how you use your months abroad. The participants in the exchange are often keen travellers. On free weekends and holidays (yes, holidays!) they travel and visit, which allows them to regularly pay pocket money. Participation in the programme is subject to the condition that the participants are under 26 years of age. Most of them treat Au-Pair as a holiday connected with work. They can take advantage of the attractions offered by the selected country. They return full of memories, with a lot of inspiration and above all… new friends. After all, the best way to get to know a different culture is through people.

Which country should I choose?
The programme offers exchanges with many European countries. However, many participants choose… America. this option. Staying in the ocean on your own costs a lot of nerves and money. With Au Pair, you don’t have to worry about anything. One more Verizona… Working with children in the USA will take you a maximum of one year. The visa is valid for 13 months. So you get 4 weeks of freedom! During this time you travel all over the country and party like the heroes of American films!
I want to apply!
Have you already found that working with children in the USA is fun for you? Take the appropriate steps! Are you afraid of formalities? Subscribe to the Au Pair in America program. With professional help you will choose your dream place of residence, smoothly go through the recruitment process and… leave for an unforgettable adventure! Don’t worry about what happens next. You will not be left alone on the spot. You are assured of contact with your local babysitter, and you will receive a phone number that you can call at any time. Working with children in the USA has enabled many young people to make their dreams come true. Join their group – let your American dream come true!
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